PDX Tunes: A Post-Pandemic Remix (with a Side of Grit)

Let me tell you, Portland's music scene post-pandemic feels like that first gig back after a bad case of the flu. You're shaky, a little rusty, and the crowd's a bit thinner than you remember.

Don't get me wrong, the energy's still there. There's a fire in the bellies of musicians who've been cooped up for way too long, a hunger to connect and create. But there's also a layer of grit – a reminder of the rough ride we've all been on.

People are cautious. That shoulder-to-shoulder mosh pit energy we used to thrive on? It's simmered down a bit. Frankly, some folks are still scared to be in close quarters. Then there's the whole "safety in numbers" thing – certain areas just haven't bounced back from the crime surge, and that keeps some folks away from their favorite dive bars.

The economy's another downbeat. Folks are tightening their belts, and a night out with a $20 cover charge just isn't at the top of everyone's list. It's forcing us musicians to get creative. Livestreams with a "pay what you can" model, pop-up gigs in unexpected places, merch bundles with concert tickets – it's a hustle out there.

But hey, that's the beauty of the Portland scene, right? We've always been a DIY bunch, resourceful and scrappy. We'll find a way. We're already seeing some cool stuff – house shows are making a comeback, and there's a renewed energy around promoting local talent.

So, is the Portland music scene the same post-pandemic? Absolutely not. But is it still vibrant, diverse, and full of heart? You bet your sweet bips it is. We're just playing a different song now, one with a bit of a bluesy undercurrent, but the melody of community and creativity still rings strong. Stay tuned, Portland. The best tracks are yet to come.

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