Jeremy Hanson, the charismatic lead singer of Bent Spokes Posse, is a true embodiment of talent and dedication in the music industry. Beyond his role as a dynamic performer, Jeremy is a devoted father, a successful entrepreneur, and a skilled writer, juggling these roles with remarkable finesse. 

His journey in music carries a profound legacy, as his mother sacrificed a promising record deal to raise him, inspiring his deep passion for the craft. Jeremy's commitment to perfection is evident in every note he sings, and his collaboration with lead guitarist John Bolt results in the creation of the band's ever-growing list of hit songs. Together, they weave melodies that resonate with audiences, showcasing their musical prowess and creative synergy. 

Offstage, Jeremy is not just a perfectionist but also a caring soul who ensures everyone around him is having a great time. His infectious enthusiasm and dedication to his artistry contribute to the band's electrifying performances, leaving audiences captivated and craving more. With his powerful voice and unwavering determination, Jeremy Hanson continues to lead Bent Spokes Posse to greater heights, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

John Bolt, the electrifying lead guitarist of Bent Spokes Posse, is a multifaceted talent whose passion for music knows no bounds. When he's not unwinding while watching football or dedicatedly following his rigorous fitness routine, he channels his creativity into crafting the rocking rhythms and high-energy leads that define the band's signature sound. 

With superior skill and a deep love for his craft, John breathes life into the band's music, infusing it with a captivating energy that leaves audiences spellbound. Despite his exceptional talent, he maintains a humble demeanor and credits the band's lead singer, Jeremy, with seamlessly steering the ship even on the rare occasions when notes don't hit the mark during live shows. 

John's dedication to his artistry, coupled with his good-natured humor and camaraderie with his bandmates, contributes to the infectious spirit of the Bent Spokes Posse. His musical prowess and unwavering commitment continue to elevate the band to new heights, ensuring their performances are nothing short of spectacular.

Brandon House, the rhythmic heartbeat of Bent Spokes Posse, brings an innate musicality to the band as their skilled drummer. Born into a family where music flowed through their veins, Brandon's connection to the beat runs deep; he's the cousin of Michael Alsup from the legendary band Three Dog Night. Since the day he was born, the love for music has been ingrained in his soul, driving his passion for drumming. 

When he's not behind the drum kit, setting the band's rhythm on fire, Brandon indulges his love for sports, immerses himself in gaming adventures, and extends his caring nature to watch over his friends, family, and beloved pets. His multifaceted interests and warm-hearted nature make him not just a talented musician but also a cherished friend and family member. 

With his impeccable sense of timing and a heart that beats to the music, Brandon House adds a unique and essential element to Bent Spokes Posse. His drumming talents, combined with his genuine compassion, enrich the band's performances and strengthen their bond, creating a musical experience that resonates deeply with audiences.

Rollie Robledo, the bass player of Bent Spokes Posse, provides the essential rhythmic low end that anchors their music. With a rich background in Norteno music, Rollie infuses his bass lines with a deep sense of groove and authenticity. 

Despite his expertise in Norteno music, Rollie often humorously suggests the idea of incorporating polka into the band's repertoire, much to the amusement of his bandmates. However, it remains a running joke among them, as convincing the band to venture into the polka territory seems like an impossible feat. 

Rollie's skill on the bass guitar and his passion for creating infectious rhythms contribute significantly to the band's unique sound. His ability to seamlessly blend his Norteno roots with contemporary styles adds depth and dimension to Bent Spokes Posse's music, ensuring that audiences are treated to a musical experience that is both vibrant and soul-stirring. With Rollie's rhythmic addition, the band continues to captivate listeners and keep the dance floors alive with their electrifying performances.